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Franklin County man who broke sheriff's nose in jailhouse altercation given five years...sort of

A 20-year-old Franklin County man whose first serious encounter with law enforcement last year resulted in a slap on the wrist got taken to the woodshed last week in Franklin County District Court.

Sort of.

Aiden Jermaine Brown apparently didn't take his second chance to heart after he was given suspended sentences on drug and paraphernalia related charges as well as a misdemeanor arrest for carrying a weapon, being intoxicated in public and criminal trespass last year. At that time Brown was essentially given 48 months of pro probation as well as having one of the charges completely dropped by the court.

Instead of taking the reprieve from the court to heart, Brown decided to go on a spree of criminal activity between October, 2022 and August. 2023 that landed him in prison with a five-year sentence last week.

Sort of.

Brown, who was transferred out of the Franklin County Detention Center to the Ouachita Regional Correction Unit in Malvern on Wednesday, was given concurrent sentences totaling 336 months with a similar amount of suspended imposition of sentences during his court appearance last week.

Incredibly, the longest of those sentences was 60 months meaning that Brown, who has been a resident of the Franklin County Detention Center since August, is already looking at a parole eligible date of October 16th, 2024 due to the concurrent status of the sentencing.

Exactly how did Brown find himself in the situation?

At last week's court session, he was handed down criminal sentences for Failure to Appear, two counts of Battery in the Second Degree, three counts of Criminal Mischief, Commercial Burglary, and for Impairing the Operation of a Facility Vital to the public in the First degree.

Among his litany of misdeeds, brown's biggest missteps came after he was incarcerated back in August.

Apparently during an attempt to move Brown from one cell pod to another after complaints from his cellmates, the then 19-year-old decided to punch Franklin County sheriff Johnny Crocker in the nose. That action broke the nose of the sheriff, resulting in the battery charges during the court session, but Brown decided to take things one step deeper by breaking off a sprinkler head and flooding the entire jail during the same time frame.

Not only did that cause massive disarray at the jail and all sort of administrative problems for the sheriff, but a female inmate was also injured when she fell as results of wet floors from the flooding.

Brown remained jailed at the Franklin County Detention Center until Wednesday when he was transported to Malvern and the Ouachita River Correctional Unit. He was given jail time credit for the just over 3 months he had been incarcerated and with good time can be eligible for parole in less than a year.

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