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Fourteen year-old conviction results in prison sentence for felon being in possession of firearms

A thirty-four year-old Oklahoma woman whose fourteen year-old felony conviction for drugs and paraphernalia disqualified her from having a gun was sentenced last week in Sebastian County Circuit Court on Possession of Firearms by Certain Persons, Possession of a Defaced Firearm and Felony Forgery charges.

Britainy Catherine-Ann Harmon picked up three years with seven years suspended on the Felon in Possession count and three years with three suspended on the defaced weapon and forgery charges.

Bundled all together to run concurrently, Harmon faces three years in prison minus time served and prison system good behavior time after the plea deal in Sebastian County Circuit Court.

Harmon was found guilty in March of 2007 at the age of 20 for the Manufacture, Delivery or Possession of Controlled Substances and Possession of Paraphernalia. At that time, she was given a suspended imposition of sentence for 36 months on each count.

Her arrest on the firearm charges came in January of this year and she was taken into custody for the forgery and theft6-related count back in August of 2020

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