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Fourteen registered sex offenders live in one mile radius in northwest Fort Smith

Another neighborhood teeming with registered sex offender has come to light as a one mile radius in the northwest quadrant of Fort Smith is home to fourteen registered sex offenders, according to public information gleaned for the Fort Smith Police Department website.

Thee area in question has it's center point at the intersection of Mussett Road and Short Wilma Street in the northwest corner of the city.

The northern most part of the circle is at the intersection of Mussett Road and Santa Fe Street, while the southern edge is along North Sixth a block south of Spradling Avenue. The east-west axis of the circle reaches from one block east of North 29th Street on Walnut Street to the intersection of North 6th and Sundown Lane.

Six of the offenders are classified as High Risk Level 3, six are Medium Risk Level 2 and there are two Level 1's in the mix. The offenders rage in age from 26-64 years of age.

Crimes committed by the offenders include Engaging a Child in Sexual conduct (12 year-old female), Sexual Misconduct (with a 13 year-old female), Sexual Indecency with a Child (14 year-old female), Sexual Battery, Kidnapping, Taking Indecent Liberties with a Minor, Second Degree Attempted Rape, Third Degree Carnal Abuse, Fourth Degree Sexual Assault (16 year old female), Second Degree Sexual Assault, First Degree Sexual Abuse (13 year-old female), and two more Second Degree Sexual Assaults (13 year-old female and a 14 year-old female).

You cn get more information on these and other registered sex offenders in Fort Smith by following the link to the Fort Smith Police Department Sex Offender Registry.

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