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Fort Smith woman who violated drug court sanctions finds herself headed for a real prison stay

A 42-year-old Fort Smith woman who violated the sanctions of her drug court sentence picked up a 5-year term in the Arkansas department of corrections with an additional five years suspended after a recent arrest for drug charges triggered a felony petition to revoke.

Sarah Nicole Thomas, who listed an address in the 900 block of North 21st Street in Fort Smith, was arrested in early January for possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia. That also triggered a petition to revoke on previous drug charges after her arrest on January 4th.

Thomas had enjoyed suspended imposition of sentences and alternate sentences through drug court on her previous convictions. Both of those drug related arrest in court interdictions came in 2021

Thomas was giving jail time credit, haven been in lock-up since January 4 of this year.. She also was assessed court cost wh8ch she has to start paying at $60 a month beginning 90 days after her release from the ADC.

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