• Dennis McCaslin

Fort Smith woman avoids multiple felony convictions with plea deal in Sebastian County Circuit Court

A Fort Smith woman arrested in April fast-tracked her way through the legal system when she entered a guilty plea on a negotiated deal to avoid a plethora of charges last week in Sebastian County Circuit Court.

Elizabeth Ann Garner 40, faced four felony charges in the proceeding and wound up with just one conviction. Garner also had additional time added as a habitual offender and received an enhanced sentence.

Arrested April 27 along with co-defendent Brian Paul Henderson, Garner was charged with Possession of Methamphetamine with the Purpose to Deliver, Furnishing a Prohibited , Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Tampering with Physical Evidence.

She was allowed to plea on an amended Count 1 as B Felony for Possession of Meth with Purpose to Deliver and given five years with 15 years supended with an additional two years added on on the habitual offender desgination. The sentences were set to run concurrently.

A petiton to revoke charge was withdrawn as part of the deal, which also saw Garner expelled frpom drug court. She will have to make scheduled fees and fines payments beginning 90 days after her release and will have her driver's license suspended for six month.

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