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Fort Smith Subway robbery in 2020 results in four-year sentence for knife-wielding thief

Reginald Leron Curtis

A 46-year-old Fort Smith man who committed armed robbery with a knife at the Subway on Grand Avenue last November was sentenced to four years in prison in Sebastian County Circuit Court.

Reginald Leron Curtis, who was arrested for the crime approximately a week after security camera images were published on Today and Fort Smith and other media outlets, also drew a sixteen year suspended sentence as part of the plea deal on the Class B felony charge.

In addition to the prison time, Curtis must make full restitution to Subway as part of the deal as well as cover court costs and fees with $60 per month payments beginning 90 days after his eventual release.

He received six days credit for the time he spent in the Sebastian County Detention Center before he was released on December 9 last year on a $10,000 bond.

He also incurred a lifetime ban from all Subway stories.

Curtis had a prior arrest and conviction in Sebastian County way back in 2004 for third degree battery.


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