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Fort Smith Police Department clears fifteen vehicle break-ins with arrest of two juveniles Sunday

On Sunday, Oct. 29, the Fort Smith Police Department (FSPD) arrested two juveniles in connection to a rash of vehicle breaking-and-enterings (B&Es).

The juvenile suspects had stolen a vehicle with the keys left inside and then used the stolen vehicle to commit other crimes. The vehicle was later recovered.

In all, detectives were able to connect the suspects to 15 vehicle B&Es that occurred over the weekend throughout the city, and all of them involved unlocked or open vehicles. In one case, a firearm was taken.

Both juveniles are suspected in additional breaking-and-entering cases and now face multiple counts of Vehicle Theft, B&E into Vehicles, and Criminal Mischief. One also had an outstanding warrant related to a previous vehicle theft.

The investigation is ongoing.

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