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Fort Smith "man" with felony convictions arrested for domestic battery of pregnant woman

Today's featured scumbag is a nineteen year-old 5'10" 210 pound lowlife that somehow came to the conclusion that it is okay for a "man" to put his hands on a pregnant woman.

Houston Allan Duvall Reed of Fort Smith was taken into custody Saturday after and charged with one count of Domestic Battering in the Third Degree Purposely against a pregnant woman. His worthless carcass bonded out just before 11 am on Saturday on the felony charge, putting up just $150 to satisfy a $1500 legally sufficient bond.

One would think that a Felony Petition to Revoke or a Revocation would have been added to his charges since it was just a little more than two years ago that Reed was adjudicated guilty of three felonies: Theft of Property, Commercial Burglary and Possession of Drug Parphernalia.

In the ill-advised wisdom of our local court system, Reed received ten years of supervised probation to run concurrently on all three counts thanks to the office of Sebastian County Prosecutor Daniel Shue, which seemingly can't even get it right when they occasionally do luck into a guilty verdict.

If you know this stain on life, please keep your distance since obviously the price for assaulting a pregnant woman has been discounted down to $150.

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