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Fort Smith man, three juveniles jailed in June 6 gun heist during local pawn shop break-in

The Fort Smith Police Department has made arrests in connection to the June 6 burglary at First Choice Pawn, 4011 Towson Avenue.

At approximately 4:30 AM Tuesday, a commercial alarm alerted Officers to the location, where it was discovered that a vehicle had been driven through the front of the building. A reported 14 firearms were taken.

A representative from the business provided Officers with video footage of the incident. From there, Detectives were able to determine that a stolen white Dodge truck registered to a local business was used to make entry, and that multiple suspects were responsible.

On Wednesday, June 7, Officers set up surveillance on some known areas and conducted a traffic stop, recovering five of the stolen firearms (four pistols and an AR-15). Two individuals were arrested at that time.

Shortly thereafter, a third individual was taken into custody at a separate location. Subsequent searches yielded an additional stolen firearm, with six of those taken in the robbery now recovered.

The three subjects currently in custody include two juvenile males (one 16-year-old and one 17-year-old) and 21-year-old Darius Cummings.

The investigation is ongoing with more arrests expected shortly.

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