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Fort Smith man sentenced to fives years after plea deal on Residential Burglary charges

A 35-year-old Fort Smith man who was arrested along with two co-conspirators last November and charged with four counts of Residential Burglary, Theft by Receiving, two counts of Contempt, and Felony Failure to Appear was sentenced last week in Sebastian County Circuit Court.

According to court records, Jefferey Wilburn entered a guilty plea on just two of the Residential Burglary counts and was given five years real time in the Arkansas Department of Corrections with five years suspended on the back of the plea deal. He received five year sentences on both counts but the court set the terms to run concurrently.

Wilburn was arrested on November 14 along with Roger Wooten and Joy Wood, both who were charged with Theft by Receiving. Both received a 60-month suspended sentences after cutting deals in Circuit Court. The amount was between $1000 and $5000 on the goods they received, making their convictions felonies.

Wilburn will have to make restitution and pay $150 in court cost once he is released from prison.

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