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Fort Smith man hit with six year concurrent sentences for May theft and paraphernalia charges

James Maburen Ary

A forty-eight year-old Fort Smith man drew a six year sentence with an additional fourteen years suspended last Thursday in Sebastian County Circuit Court after a plea agreement on theft and paraphernalia charges but avoided a habitual offender tag That could have meant even more time.

James Maburen Ary, who was arrest May 18 and has spent the interim in jail on a total of $2000 in bonds, stipulated to the charges in Theft by Receiving and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia counts, drawing identical concurrent sentences on both.

The state announced a dismissal of the habitual offender charges, which initially stemmed from a 2016 case that resulted in a five year sentence that caused the May arrest to be considered a parole violation.

Ary received credit for jail time served and will be obligated to pay $150 in court cost at $60 per month starting 90-days after his eventual release.

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