• Dennis McCaslin

Fort Smith man headed back to prison for seventh time since 1997 for new paraphernalia conviction

A 41-year-old Fort Smith hooligan is on his way to the hoosegow got two years in prison and four suspended as well as a thirty-day misdemeanor stretch in Sebastian County Circuit Court last week.

Forty-one year-old Larry Eugen Payton, who has been to court seventeen times on felony or misdemeanor charges since 1997, His latest complementary stay in the Gray Bar Hotel courtesy of the state of Arkansas will be his seventh in that 23-year plus span.

Payton who was arrested with another defendant on March 20 and charged with Possession of Drug paraphernalia and misdemeanor Criminal Trespass, took a plea deal in the case. The county failed to pursue habitual offender status for Payton, but it wasn't from a lack of opportunity.

His 1997 arrest for Breaking and Entering triggered a Revocation of Parole for a crime that is so old it's not even listed on the Arkansas Court Connect website. Since that time we has been arrested for Possession of a Controlled substance and Drug Paraphernalia, Theft of Property, Breaking and Entering and Credit card with multiple counts in each category.

Arrest of Payton over the years have also resulted in at least six parole revocations.

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