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Fort Smith man charged with First Degree Murder after Friday night shooting in Clarksville

Admad Rashad Robinson

Reader reports of a shooting at the McDonalds on South Rogers in Clarksville have been verified and Johnson County officials have taken a Fort Smith man into custody and charged him with Murder in the First Degree.

Eyewitnesses to the incident tell Today in Fort Smith that a car was in the drive-through at around 9 PM Friday night and a passenger in the vehicle shot the driver then exited the car and fled into the adjacent woods.

Witnesses say several people were in the drive-through and inside the McDonalds when the shooting occurred.

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Police later located and arrested Admad Rashad Robinson, 20, who was booked into the Johnson County Detention Center at 2:38 AM and charged with the Class Y Felony.

The victim has not been identified.

Robinson was arrested in November of 2020 by the Fort Smith Police Depratment and spent four days behind bars on charges of Domestic Battery in the Third Degree-Purposely, Terroristic in the First Degree, Obstructing Governmental Operations, and Contempt of Court. He was released on November 26, 20 after posting a $6000 legally sufficient bond.

He is also wanted out of Fort Smith on a misdemeanor warrant for Contempt/Willful Disobedience for failure to pay $2,265 in fines.

Robinson is on a no-bond hold and has a scheduled court date of April 8 according to booking information rom the JCDC.

This is a breaking story and more information will be provided as it is released.

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