• Dennis McCaslin

Fort Smith man catches a free ride to prison after plea deal on fifth DWI conviction in five years

A fifty-year-old Fort Smith man with an interminable criminal record and lengthy rap sheet picked up his fifth Driving While Intoxicated charge on the Fourth of July and his next trip will be a sober one when he is transported to the Arkansas Department of Corrections to work on a five year sentence handed to him after a plea deal in Sebastian County Circuit Court on Wednesday.

David Earl Gipson, who has entries for unlawful behavior and a handful of felony arrest and convictions dating back over three decades, picked up his fifth DWI in five years, in July of this year marking his second felony conviction on the charge.

Gipson was sentenced to four years in the ADC with six years suspended on the DWI charge. He also picked ten days on two misdemeanor Driving on Suspended Licenses violations, picked up $1000 in total fines with an additional $680 in court cost, whi9chn will have to be paid in $60 monthly installments starting 90-days after his release.

Gipson, in addition to being an an idiot who drinks and drives, has had arrests in the past for a myriad of crimes including Theft of Property, Theft by Receiving, Breaking and Entering, Terroristic Threatening, Leaving the Scene of an Accident, Criminal Impersonation, Disorderly Conduct, Parole Violations and Revocations in addition to over a dozen traffic violations.

Gipson awaits transfer to the ADC in the Sebastian County Detention Center.

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