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Fort Smith man already in prison brought back to face music for 2020 drug crimes

A 25-year-old Fort Smith man who was already in prison for parole violations and other crimes was brought back to Sebastian County last week to face drug and paraphernalia charges that sent him back into the ADC shortly after his release in 2019.

Christopher Jordan Davis Clem, who was serving a 96 month sentence for Felony Terroristic Threatening before he was allowed in work release in December of 2019, He came back to Circuit Court and had time added on to his sentence that was revoked in the 2016 case, all which he will serve concurrently, for a number of charges. Hios conviction from 2015 had 144 months of suspended sentences in addition to the imposed sanctions,.

After his release in 2019, he was back in Fort Smith and back to his old antics by mid-May of 2020 when he was arrested and booked on two possession of drugs charges, possession of drug paraphernalia and theft by receiving. That triggered an arrest for Felony Failure to Appear on June 3 of that year on the drug and paraphernalia charges, absconding, parole violation and the previous failure to appears.

Those convictions sent Clem back to the Grimes unit in Newport facing eight years total time. In the court actions last week, he picked up four addition years with 16 suspended for possession of methamphetamine and two years for four suspended for paraphernalia, He also received a one year sentence in the Sebastian County Detention Center on possession of marijuana and theft by receiving convictions.

All of those sentences were bundled with his current ADC sentencing and set to ru concurrently.

Clem awaits transfer back to the Grimes Unity in the SCDC.

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