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Fort Smith felon facing Second Degree Sexual Assault charges after Wednesday arrest

Mandingo Simms

A Fort Smith man was arrested Wednesday and charged with one count of Sexual Assault in the Second Degree, according to booking information from the Fort Smith Police Department.

Mandingo Simms, who has a history of violence towards women and other criminal acts in his past, also was cited for a Parole Violation tied to some of his previous misdeeds. He remains behind bars on $10,000 legally sufficient bond and on a no bond hold for the parole violation pending a hearing on Monday.

Simms,. a former New Orleans resident, has prior arrests that included an attack ion his previous wife in V an Buren in 2012 as a follow up to a misdemeanor third degree domestic battery conviction in 2010. A parole revocation that was finally held in 2013 resulted in a in a 60 month imposed sentence, which Simms later unsuccessfully appealed.

Interestingly, Arkansas Court Connect shows no indication of arrests or convictions, or any records for that matter, concerning Simms.

Second degree sexual battery usually indicates sexual activity between an adult and someone under the age of fourteen or sexual activity with someone who lacks the mental capability to consent. The crime is a Class B felony in Arkansas, punishable by 5-20 years in prison and up to $15,000 fine

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