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Fort Smith felon draws 120-month sentence to earn trip back to Arkansas Department of Corrections

A plea deal during the Wednesday morning session of Sebastian County Circuit Court resulted in sending a habitual offender to state prison for a decade on felony Theft by Receiving and Possession of a Controlled Substance charges.

Andrew Jacob Jennings, 36, of F0rt Smith was sentenced to ten years in the Arkansas Department of Corrections with an additional five years suspended for the theft arrest from May 18, 2021 and the possession charge from March 11, 2021. He had petitions to revoke withdrawn from a number of other reactivated cases in the proceeding.

He also must make full restitution in the amount of $1250.

Jennings was also a sex offender, having been convicted of Class B Sexual Assault for which he received a ten-year sentence with ten year suspended for a July 2010 crime. Oddly enough, Jennings is not listed as a Registered Sex Offender on any state, county or local registry.

The habitual offender tag stemmed in part from the eighteen separate criminal arrests Jennings haS amassed since 2005. In that time, he has picked up at least fourteen felony convictions. including the 120 month stretch in the ADC for the Sexual Assault charge.

His crime spree slowed down after that conviction until May of 2021 with the obviously implication that he might have actually spent some time in prison.

Jennings' previous felony convictions include four for burglary, three for theft of property, two each for drug and paraphernalia charges, one hot check violation, one theft by receiving and the sexual assault conviction.

Jennings awaits transfer to the ADC in the Sebastian County Detention Center.

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