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Former Sebastian County district judge, county prosecutor given seven years for child sex crimes

A former Fort Smith resident who once worked in the Sebastian County prosecutor's office and was also a Sebastian County District Court judge has been sentenced to 84 months in federal prison with 10 years of supervision after his release for crimes related to potential sex with a 13-year-old boy.

Fifty-four-year-old Daniel Arthur Stewart, who was originally indicted January 2019 on charges for conduct that occurred in 2016 for "attempting to entice a child to engage in sexual activity" was arrested again in June in Faulkner County after being busted in an undercover sting concerning a Craigslist ad.

According to information from the court, Stewart posted an ad in February of this year seeking contact with a "young guy or son". Stewart thought that he had arranged meeting with a 43-year-old man and his 13-year-old son but was arrested instead by a Faulkner County officer at the time.

He was initially charged with conspiracy to commit rape but was able to plea down to the lesser charge he was convicted of last week.

Stewart, who was identified by a photo that he sent to the "potential father" of the intended victim, indicated that he would reserve a hotel room with a purpose of having intercourse with the minor.

Records indicate that after working as an assitant prosecutor and as a judge in Sebastian County, Stewart also worked as a public defender for Crawford and Sebastian counties.

Stewart's trial was held last week in Little Rock in the Eastern District Federal Court.

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