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Former OU running back Marcus Dupree set for Pocola appearance this Saturday

"He was the best player on the field. Earl Campbell was the only other guy I ever saw who was like that—physically ready, as a true freshman, to be the best player on a great college team. Maybe even ready for the NFL at that age." - Barry Switzer, University of Oklahoma

The legendary Oklahoma Sooner head coach was talking about a freshman from Philadelphia, Mississippi who would become a sensation at running back in his first season with the team.

Marcus Dupree was a 19 year-old star that season for the Sooners, racking up 1393 yards on just 162 carries (an 8.5 yard per carry average) and earning second team All American status.

After suffering a concussion against Texas the next season, Dupree sat out the remainder of the year. He eventually transferred to Southern Mississippi and after completing his college playing days, spent two seasons in the USFL as a member of the New Orleans Breakers and two seasons in the NFL with the Los Angeles Rams.

This Saturday, sports fans (and especially Oklahoma fans) will have a chance to meet Dupree as he will be in Pocola for a meet and greet at Wild Willy's Bud Pharmacy, 2704 Pocola Boulevard from 11am to 1pm.

"We are excited to be able to bring Marcus in for what is essentially our grand opening," said Virgil Smith, one of the owners of the dispensary. "We want everyone to come out for pictures nd autographs and to have a chance to meet one of the most highly-touted running backs to come out of high school ever."

Smith said the event will he held outside to facilitate families with children, since rules of the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Association won't allow anyone under the age of eighteen inside the dispensary. Dupree will be available to sign autographs, pose for pictures with fans and talk football during his three hour appearance.

Smith says there here will be free food, a glass blowing exhibition as well as several other vendors at the event. Inside the dispensary, there will also be a special promotion where a certain number of customers will be able to buy product for just a penny.

"We want to invite everyone to come out," said Smith. "We hope that we can use he opportunity to educate a few folks on the amazing results that have been obtained through the use of cannabis, but we mainly just want folks to have a good time at the event."

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