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  • Dennis McCaslin

Forgery, drug paraphernalia draws enhanced sentence and six years in prison for Fort Smith man

A 35-year-old Fort Smith who was arrested in August of last yea5r for Second Degree Forgery, Felony Failure to Appear and for a Revocation of Parole will go directly from jail to prison after sentencing in Sebastian County Ci9rcuit Court Wednesday morning on a laundry list of charges.

Lee Andrew Williams Jr., who has been skirting the issue of prison time since a February arrest on possession charges, was given an enhanced sentence of six year with an additional fourteen years suspended on forgery and two possession of drug paraphernalia counts during the morning court session.

In between the drug arrests and getting pinched for forgery, Williams also managed to get arrested for Failure to register as a Sex Offender. According to 0onlinhe sources he is listed as a Level 3 offender and committed his sexual offense outside the state of Arkansas.

Inn addition to the prison sentence, Williams will have to pay $325 in restitution and $150 in court cost once he is released from custody.

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