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Fifth felony arrest in nine months...this one is for rape of a juvenile under the age of fourteen

According to court records, an eighteen-year-old Fayetteville thug was arrested Monday for the fifth time on felony charges since June of last year, but since he has escalated from theft and drug charges to the rape of a victim of less than 14-years of age maybe authorities will keep him locked up this time.

Keuante Tevaun Morman was booked into the Washington County Detention Center shortly before midnight on Monday and charged with one count of Rape/Sexual Intercourse. The information from the warrant for his arrest says Morman "did unlawfully and knowingly engage in sexual intercourse or deviate sexual activity with another person who is less than fourteen (14) years of age."

Click on warrant to enlarge.

The warrant for his arrest was issued by Deputy Prosecutor Dylan Weisenfels on February 10 and the crime was committed on the previous day.

A Class Y felony, Rape of a juvenile victim in the state off Arkansas by a prison term of ten to 40 years or life.

Incredibly, due to the backed-up court logs in Washington County, Morman has trials pending on six previous felonies from three separate arrests in less than a nine month span. All three of those cases remain open on the court docket.

In June of 2020 officials arrested Morman on one count of Felony Theft of Property. By August, he was back in jail for Felony Theft by Receiving and Possession of Schedule VI Drugs with Purpose to Deliver.

After apparently taking a breather in September, Morman was back behind bars in October on two Theft by Receiving charges, including the fraudulent use of a credit card. He topped the non-sex-offense portion of his criminal career with another Theft by Receiving arrest in early November, adding aa misdemeanor charge for trying to outrun the police on foot.

All those cases were stated by court order on February 9 until October 15 of this year. His first court appearance on the rape charge has been set for February 17 with a court date set in early march on that charge.

As of Tuesday at 1:30 PM Morman remained behind bars in lieu of a $25,000 bond.

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