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Fifteen year sentence for Pocola man on meth, drug paraphernalia charges

A 48-year-old Pocola man who has been in the Sebastian County Detention Center since March 22 will have that jail time applied to the multi- year imposed sentences he received last week for two counts of Possesion of Methamphetamine and Possession of Drug Parahernalia which included an enhanced sentence as a habitual offender.

Antonio Gentry Allen, who was arrested on January 25 on the meth charges, was taken into custody on March 22 on a Failure to Appear and Rarole Violation warrant. His arrest on the meth charges also triggered a Petition to Revoke.

Last Wednesday, as part of a plea agreement, Allen plead guilty to the drug charges and was given fifteen years total on each Class D felony as a habitual offender. The sentences were set to run concurrently and the Petiton to Revoke from previous charges was withdrawn as part of the deal.

Allen will be required to begin $60 per mointh fine and fees payments 90 days after his release and his drivers license will be suspended for the first six months with a workers permit.

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