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Felon returned from prison to face detainer charges going back with an additional 25-year sentence

Cody McCarroll

A Fort Smith who was already in prison on Breaking and Entering and for Manufacturing, Delivering or Possessing a Controlled Substance came back to Fort Smith on Thursdsy for a new round of court proceedings and finds himself headed right back up the river from hence he came.

Thirty-one year-old Cody McCarroll was in the Ouachita River Correctional Unit on his previous charges but remained on a detainer out of Sebastian County for crimes committed after his previous arrest while out on bond.

On Thursday, Sebastian County officals loaded the boat for his ride back to prison with a staggering number of years on various charges as a habitual offender.

Not counting suspended imposition of sentences, McCarroll received 90 years of sentencing. although they are set to run concurrently which means his actual default sentence is 25 years.

McCarroll picked up 25-years plus 35 suspended for Possession of Drugs and Firearms Simultaniously, 25 years plus 15 years suspended for Possession of Drug Paraphenalia/Manufacture Meth or Cocaine, 25 years plus 15 suspended for Theft by- Receiving, and a straight-up 15 years for Possession of a Controlled Substance and for being a Felon in Possession of a Firearm.

Given his best behavior, McCaroll should be looking at the mid-2030's

before his release, at which time he will have to start paying the court $100 per monnh in fines and court cost and do without a drivers license the first six months he is free.

As part of the plea deal, McCarrol was allowed to enter a letter into evidence exonerating a female co-defendant who was arrested with him on December 29, 2020 for four of the same felonies he pled out on Thursday.

The court also dropped Felony Petion to Revoke against McCarroll, whose Sebastian County rap sheet stretches back to a 2010 drug-related arrest.

Prison must not sit well with McCarroll or alter his behavior much since he has amassed sixty-three major disciplanry violations during his time in the system.

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