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Felon nearing end of suspended sentence for 2016 arrest headed to ADC for seven years on drug charge

In the "they never learn" category, a Fort Smith man near the tail-end of a suspended sentence for drug-related charges picked up back in 2016 was sentenced to seven years each on four separate felonies in Sebastian County Circuit Court on Thursday.

Blaise Warrick, 29, who was sentenced as a habitual offender, was also given one year in thr Se8bastian County Detention Center, but all terms were set to run concurrently in the case. Warrick was sentenced for possession of meth, marijuana, other controlled substances and paraphernalia.

Warrick's June arrest on the drug charges reactivated ealier cases from the summer of 2016 on similar charges that resulted in the suspended sentences that were revoked on Thursday. That arrest did result in a property forfeiture action against Warrick at the time time.

Warrick also received jail time credit for the almost four months he has served since his June 24 arrest.

Warrick, who has been in the SCADC since his June 24 arrest, also received credit for almost four most he has served in the county jail.

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