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Feds to release initial 2020 census data to all states after 1 p.m news conference on Thursday

The U.S. Census Bureau (USCB) will release the initial 2020 Census data to all states on Thursday, August 12 following a 1:00 p.m. press conference. A summary of the raw data will be posted to the Maryland Department of Planning (Planning) State Data Center website by close of business on August 12th.

The USCB provides all 50 states with population counts to use in the redrawing of congressional and state legisla­tive district boundaries, known as redistricting.

These numbers will be slightly lower than the apportionment numbers for each state released earlier this year since those numbers include federally affiliated overseas U.S. citizens.

While this raw data will be used as the foundation for redistricting, Maryland law requires it to be adjusted to have incarcerated individuals reallocated to their last known address prior to use for congressional, state, local, and municipal districts.

Preliminary work has been done to comply with this requirement and completion is expected by the first week of September. Legally compliant data for redistricting purposes will be posted on the Planning State Data Center website once the reallocation process is complete.

The data released by the USCB includes total population at the state, county, municipal, census tract, and census block levels; population over 18 years old; and group quarters populations.

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