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Fayetteville resident faces two felony charges stemming from sexual contact with seventeen year-old

Ryan Snyderr

A 42 year-old Fayetteville man is behind bars after an arrest on Friday for Sexual Indecency with a Child and and Sexual Assault in the Second Degree stemming from alleged sexual abuse of his live-in girlfriends' 17-year-old daughter.

Ryan Snyder, who resided in the 2300 block of Harris Drive in Fayettevillle, is on a no-bond hold on the Sexual Indecency charge and a $5000 bond on the sexual assault and is scheduled for his Rule 8.1 hearing on Monday morning. He was processed into the Washington County Detention Center at 11:45 am on Friday.

The female victim confided in her mother than Snyder was in the hallway outside her room in the home at 6 am on February 27 with "his hands down his pants masturbating" and asked the girl to come "look at him through the partially open door

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The former girlfriend has also obtain an ex-parte Order of Protection against Snyder, saying Snyder is "getting desperate with his multiple text and his anger is escalating". The order of protection was served on March 5.

According to court documents, the investigation into the sexual abuse of the 17-year-old was started on March 3. The household also contains two children under the age of three.

Sexual Indecency with a Child is a Class D felony in Arkansas punishable by up to six years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.

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