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Fayetteville man faces $250,000 bond in child pornography arrest


Phillip Shoup

A northwest Arkansas man remains behind bars after an arrest on Tuesday for Possessing, Viewing or Distributing Explicit Matter Depicting a Child, according to information from the Washinton County Sheriff Office.

Phillip Shoup, who lives in an apartment complex at the intersection of South Willow Avenue and East Central Street in Fayetteville, faces $250,000 in bonds.

The 26-year-old shares the low-income aprtment complex with scores of families with children and, according to information found on the internet, the South Willow Street address is also the locarion of the Teeny Tiny Preschool.

The information on Shoup is a little confusing since he was originally charghed with ten counts of Possessing, Viewing or Distributing Explicit Matter Depicting a Child back in April of 2018. At the same time, he was charged with one count of fourth Degree Sexual Assault that records indicate occurred in 2016. Those charhes were not filed until July of 2020.

That case has been slowly winding it's way through the courts, with the last milestone recorded in the case on March 15 of this year with an order of continuance.

Because of the ambiguity of the court records, it's unclear if Tuesday's arrest was an extenstion of that case or an entirely new set of charges.

Shoup also has a previous arrest in 2014 for twom counts of Terroristic Threatening, Battery, Resisting Arrest and Revocation for which he was sentenced to 41 days and five years of probation.

He was also the subject of a 2017 Order of Protection by another northwest Arkansas resident.

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