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Fayetteville man dies after separating from Harley Davison and being struck by motorcycle on US 62

A Saturday motorcycle accident in Eureka Springs involving two motorcycles has taken the life of a 58-year-old Fayetteville man and sent a 54-year-old Rogers resident to a hospital. According to information from the Arkansas State Police, Robert Scott Kinnunen of Fayetteville and Randall S. Whitehead of Rogers were traveling eastbound on US Highway 62 in Eureka Springs on Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Kinnunen who was driving a 2007 Harley, was approaching a vehicle that was slowing to turn left. He lost control and separated from the vehicle before being struck by the second motorcycle driven by Whitehead. According to the preliminary port filed by the Arkansas State Police, Kinnunen decalred was dead at the scene while Whitehead was taken to Eureka Springs Hospital for treatment of unknown injuries. Senior corporal Mike Morgan of the Arkansas State Police worked the accident said the weather was sunny and clear and road conditions were dry at the time of the accident.

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