• Dennis McCaslin

Fayetteville lowlife arrested for fondling and taking video of 14-year-old family member

Yet another northwest Arkansas pervert finds himself behind bars in lieu of a $40,000 bond pending a Rule 8.1 hearing on Friday after an arrest on Wednesday for Video Voyeurism and Second Degree Sexual Assault after interactions with a fourteen year-old female.

This time around, the victim was a family member.

Mack Samuel, 47, with an address listed in the 2300 block of Sam Street in Fayetteville, was taken into custody just before 3 pm. on Wednesday and charged with the two felony counts after he was arrested on a warrant issued by the Washington County Circuit Court.

Information from Arkansas Court Connect indicated Samuel put their residence.is hands down the pants of a fourteen year-old family member while she was sleeping and also used a cell phone to video the teenager in a bathroom of their residence.

According to court records, the crime occurred on January 26 and the warrant for Samuel was issued on January 28. The offenses are Class D and Class B felonies respectively.

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