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Farmington woman with history of felony convictions picks up another one in district court

A woman with multiple convictions and arrests in over half-a-dozen Arkansas counties was returned to Sebastian County this month from the McPherson Unit in Newport to face charges on Possession 0f Methamphetamine, Drug Paraphernalia and a failure to Appear warrant.

Jennifer Rae Dunk, 30, of Farmington has been hopping in and out of prison since a 2009 conviction for robbery out of Washington County at the age of nineteen. She was back in Sebastian County Circuit Court on Wednesday.

Currently serving 36 months out of Pope County on a Theft by Receiving/Habitual Offender conviction, her Wednesday plea deal saw the Possession of Methamphetamine charge dropped and she plead guilty on the other charges, drawing three years with twelve suspended and another habitual offender tag.

The sentence will run concurrent with her present cell block vacation.

Starting with the 2009 robbery conviction, she has been to prison seven times in the past 12 years on convictions out of Pope, Faulkner, Washington and Saline counties.

She has done time for Robbery, Theft by Receiving, Possession of Meth/Cocaine, Furnishing Prohibited Items and Possession of Firearms by a Felon.

When she eventually gets out, she also has twenty detainers from eleven different police departments or sheriff offices that have to be addressed.

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