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Erratic behavior, assault on officers leads to unhappy birthday for Rogers woman

A Rogers woman who had been detained at XNA Airport in Highfill by the XNA Police Department on Monday after an attempt to breach a TSA checkpoint compounded her problems when she spit in the face of one officer and kicked a Benton County deputy at the Benton Co8unty Detention Center.

Kayleigh Long spent her 32nd birthday behind bars on Monday after being charged with two counts of Aggravated Assault on a Correctional Facility Employee (Knowing Infected with Deadly Disease), one count of Criminal Trespass, and one count of Public Intoxication following the incident.

According to the narrative furnished in the probable cause paperwork, Long was pushing two dogs in a wheelchair when she attempted to breach the security checkpoint. She told officers she was not a passenger but was teaching her dogs a "life lesson". Officers said she smelled of intoxicants and tried to board an elevator in an effort to get away.

When she was detained she became belligerent and officers arrested her for Public Intoxication. After being taken to the patrol car for transport to the Benton County Detention Center she screamed obscenities and resisted efforts to put her in the backseat. As they tried to secure her with a seatbelt she spit in the face of one of the officers.

At the jail she remained irate and uncooperative and kicked the female deputy in the face as they attempted to remove her from the backseat.

A review of security footage at the airport revealed Long had entered several rental cars without authorization, Upon inspection for damage to the vehicles, officers located a pick floral scarf and a partially burned card from what they say may have been an effort to start a fire.

As of 9 pm Tuesday night Long remained incarcerated at the Benton County Detention Center.

The following is the complete narrative from the arresting officers:

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