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Enid air base releases details on November, 2019 deadly air crash

Lt Col. John "Matt" Kincade, an instructor pilot, and 2nd Lt. Travis B. Wilkie were killed in a tragic airplane crash in November of 2019 and officials with Vance Air Force Base Air Education and Training Command in Enid released a report detailing the accident on Friday.

"On November 21, 2019, a report from the Accident Investigation Board of Vance Air Force Base was released detailing an incident involving two T-38C aircrafts.

Two airmen were killed as a result of the accident, an instructor pilot and a student pilot, each occupying a T-38.

According to the report, the cause of the mishap was the instructor pilot failed to take control of the aircraft as the student pilot made an inappropriate flight control input.

The student prematurely initiated an aerodynamic braking maneuver immediately after initial touchdown, which caused the aircraft to lose control.

The student used the right rudder to steer the aircraft; this caused the aircraft to veer into a collision course with the second T-38.

The report states, "The board president found that the instructor pilot could not have successfully prevented a collision after the student pilot's rudder input had taken effect; however, the collision would have been avoidable had the instructor pilot made an accurate real-time risk assessment in the preceding moments and taken control of the aircraft."

Air Education and Training Command takes every measure to ensure the safety of its aircrews, while delivering superior flight training for the Air Force. AETC is committed to using the lessons learned from this investigation to prevent similar mishaps from happening again."

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