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DWI-fueled wreck from April of 2022 results in negligent homicide conviction on plea deal

A Fort Smith man will spend an extensive amount of time in prison after a plea deal in Sebastian county circuit Court this week on charges of negligent homicide by vehicle.

Alejandro Carrillo, 38, was sentenced Wednesday to 19 years and 11month on the negligent homicide charge as well as a 9 year snd 11 monthsuspended sentence on battery in the second degree alcohol charge.

Police say Carrillo was driving while intoxicated on April 27th when he was involved in an accident at 2:13 a.m. at theintersection of Highway 271 and Mabel Avenue in south Fort Smith. . Officers responding to the accident said that two vehicles were completely destroyed from the wreck.

Willie Kizer was pronounced that is the scene and Andrew Arney suffered life threatening injuries which required treatment at a local hospital.

Carrillo failed two field sobriety tests and a blood alcohol content testshowed he was at 0.22 BAC, which is nearly three times the legal limit for driving in the state of Arkansas.

Carrillo must also pay restitution of $17,191 plus additional restitution of approximately 17,000 (to be determined at a later date) and a DWI fine and court related cost. . A $5,000 payment towards the restitution and court cost had to be paid on Wednesday during the plea deal.

Carrillo was also ordered to have no contact with the victims or the families of the victims.

Carrillo remains in custody of the Sebastian County Detention Center while he awaits transfer to the Arkansa Department of Corrections.

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