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Drugs and firearm charges sends 23-year-old Fort Smith felon to the ADC for six years

A 23-year-old Fort Smith with a proclivity for felonious behavior who was already serving a suspended sentence for an Aggravated Assault from May of 2020 was sent to prison last week for six years with eighteen suspended on a plethora charges amassed since the beginning of the year.

He was sentenced to time on three separate crimes, but all sentences were set to run concurrently.

Tija Jamar Mingo was arrested along with Lamonte Armaud on felony possession charges for drugs and paraphernalia, and he also had a firearm on him at the time, which violated the conditions of his parole as a felon. After that December arrest, Mingo failed to show up for court and in late July he was arrested again.

This time around he was arrested for Simultaneous Possession of Drugs and Firearms, Furnishing Prohibited Items, Contempt. misdemeanor drug possession, and two felony and one misdemeanors Failure to Appeal charges.

As part of the plea deal, the prosecutors dropped the simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms charge from his December spree, but found him guilty of Possession of Firearms by a Certain {Person, Furnishing Prohibited Items and one count of Possession .of Drug Paraphernalia.

Mingo, who has been behind bars since his July- arrest on over $10,000 in bonds, also had a Petition to revoke withdrawn as part of his plea agreement.

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