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Drug paraphenalia conviction on plea deal nets one-year sentence for frequent felon

A September 2020 arrest for Possession of Drug Paraphenalia and Absconding for a Fort Smith felon who has been frequenting circuit court--and prison--since 1995 will take another trip up the river after a plea agreement Wednesday in Sebastian County-.

Billy John Titsworth, 46, somehow avoided a habitual offender enhancement but still drew a one year sentence plus five years suspended imposition of sentence on the drug parahernalia charge.

Titsworth was given ten days jail credit for the time he spent in jail in September and will have to pay $60 per month in fines and fees starting 90 days after his next prison release.

Titsworth drew his first felony conviction in 1996 when he picked up 36-months probation for an arrest for Felony Theft by Receiving in Yell County. Titsworth was so grateful for the free pass that withinn six months he triggered a revocation when he added a felony Battery charge in Crawford County.

Titsworth drew a 30-month imposed sentence with 74 months suspended at that time, but he wasn't done. He also managed a 144 month suspended imposition of sentence for fleeing that same year.

To really class up his resume, Titsworth got pinched in November 2007 for Failing to Register or Comply with Conditions of Registration as a Sex Offender. He had a previous arrest for Sexual Assault in the First Degree.

In 2015, he made another trip to prison after a 24-month sentence foir beingn a Felon in Possession of a Firearm.

Never fear, felon fans, He'll be back out soon thanks to a feckless prosecutors office near you!

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