• Dennis McCaslin

Drug arrest from 2020 coupled with failure to appear warrant results in 72-month prison sentence

Carolyn K, Nettin

A 202o arrest for Class B Felony Delivery of a Controlled Substance followed up by a subsequent arrest for Failure to Appear to answer to that charge landed a Lonoke woman in state prison with a 72-month sentence out of Fifth Circuit Division 1 Circuit Court out out Franklin County this week.

The Failure to Appear warrant was issued back in March for 37-year-old Carolyn K, Nettin after she no-showed court proceedings stemming from a February 2020 case in which a confidential informant working in conjunction with law enforcement purchased 1/8th of an ounce of Methamphetamine from the woman at an Ozark residence.

Nettin was released on bail a second time after the warrant was issued in April of this year. She turned herself into the courts for a plea agreement last week and was given 72 months total time on both charges. Nettin will also face a six month drivers license suspension once she is released from prison.

As of Saturday night 7:30 p.m. she remained behind bars in Franklin County awaiting transfer to the ADC.

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