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Drama continues in Eureka Springs with NWA Medicaid fraud suspect

Anthony Christopher

Eureka Live, the nightclub owned by Medicaid and Identity Fraud suspect Anthony Christopher, is back in the news with the public resignation of the club show director “Ginger Styles” via Facebook on November 16.

According to Styles, “I just have lost focus on my Original goal when I assumed the show directors position at Eureka Live. I have decided to turn my focus back to my USofA pageantry and leave my position as show director after selling out 29 of 30 shows. Though there are other circumstances that to have led me to my decision to leave... my pageantry focus remains the main reason.”

Christopher and "Ginger Styles"

Messages to Styles inquiring about “the other circumstances that have led to my decision to leave” have gone unanswered

Styles, Christopher and the club came under scrutiny a few months back when Styles made the announcement that they intended to start hosting "kid friendly" drag shows at the club, which is located in the basement of a building at 35 North Main Street in Eureka Springs.

Wanda Marie Eash, who is Anthony's mother, is listed as the registered agent for incorporation purposes with he state of Arkansas for Eureka Live. She is also the owner of Legacy Preschool in Bentonville, with which Anthony has been associated in the past.

Anthony and Eash are currently being sued by Cordale Moore of Eureka Springs who claims they conspired with others to unlawfully take over the nightclub.

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