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Double plea deal on methamphetamine delivery charges sends Fort Smith man to ADC for 15-years

A 47-year-old Fort Smith man, who showed up earlier in the month for a court session while under the influence of drugs, was sentenced to 15 years in the Arkansas Department of Corrections after being charged with two counts of delivery of methamphetamine according to records from Sebastian County Circuit Court.

According to records obtained from the court, Harry Michael Lowrie, whose address at the time of his last arrest was in the 5000 block of Towson Avenue in Fort Smith, was initially arrested on September 23 of last year by the Fort Smith Police Department and charged with two counts of delivery of math or cocaine with each count involving the possession of over over 10 grams.

Lowrie was due on court on June 21 to face those charges but according to court records he was held in contempt of court after he showed up under the influence of drugs at that time Lowry was ran into the custody of sheriff's office and the case was continued until Wednesday. That move also cost him an additional charge of contempt of court to be added to his rap sheet.

On Wednesday, Lowrie appeared in court with Deputy Public Defender Patrick Flake and pled guilty as charged: He was in given the 15-year imposed sentence with an additional 15 years suspended on each charge. All of the sentencing was set to run concurrent with each other.

Lowrie was also required to give the court a DNA sample and his driver's license will be suspended for 6 months with permit once he released from prison.

He remains behind bars at the Sebastian County Adult Detention Center awaiting assignment to the ADC.

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