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Domestic battery on child sends habitual offender to prison with five year imposed sentence

Thadeius Lewayne Jones

A 35-year-old Fort Smith felon and habitual criminal was handed a five year sentence with 15 years suspended in Sebastian County Circuit Court Wednesday morning for Domestic Battering in the Second Degree charges from May.

Thadeius Lewayne Jones, who scored his tenth felony conviction overall since October of 2013, violated his parole from previous charges when he battered a household member under the age of twelve o May 11 of this year. He was also booked at that time for contempt for failure to pay fines and on a Petition to Revoke.

His plea agreement also dictates he is to have no contact with the victim once he is released from prison.

The May arrest, counting various misdemeanor arrests and convictions and traffic violations, resulted in Jones' thirty-sixth court proceeding which started at the age of eighteen when he was arrested for leaving the scene of an accident and other traffic violations.

The bulk of his misdemeanor convictions have occurred in Crawford County.

In all, Jones has been convicted on two counts each of Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance and Paraphernalia, Possession of a Firearm and Possession of a Defaced Firearm, Criminal Mischief and the recent Domestic Battering count.

Jones awaits transfer to the Arkansas Department of Corrections at the Sebastian County Detention Center.

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