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  • Dennis McCaslin

Dog the Bounty Hunter wannabes wind up in jail for "kidnapping" wanted man out of Bryan County

On September 20, 2021, Haskell County Sheriff Tim Turner and Undersheriff Terry Garland made contact with two male individuals, who were identified as Bobby Medina and Wesley Collins, who were escorting Robert Blagg into the Haskell County Criminal Justice Center in handcuffs.

Sheriff Turner asked what they were doing and they advised they were waiting for a bail bondsman to show up with their paperwork to surrender Mr. Blagg. Sheriff Turner and Undersheriff Garland requested proper identification from Medina and Collins at which time the both advised that they were acting under the color of “Citizens Arrest”.

During the investigation Sheriff Turner could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from both Medina and Collins, who also both admitted to drinking. Sheriff Turner also confirmed that Medina had a warrant for his arrest in Bryan County, Oklahoma.

During the investigation bail bondsman Phillis Lawson arrived and advised that she was there to surrender Blagg. Sheriff Turner explained that Medina nor Collins had that authority and she had conspired with to commit a crime. Lawson advised that she hadn’t paid them yet. Sheriff Turner refused to sign the forfeiture of bond, but learned that Blagg did have an outstanding warrant for his arrest.

Sheriff Turner interviewed Blagg about the incident who advised that Medina and Collins advised that they were his friends of girlfriend’s dad. He advised they were supposed to take him to sell some property at a friends. Once they went to leave the friends they pushed him against the car and arrested him.

Blagg advised that after pushing him against the car they placed him in handcuffs told him they were arresting him for Lawson and drove him the the sheriff’s office.

During subsequent interviews Collins and Medina advised that Lawson agree to pay them $500 to find and arrest Blagg. Lawson also explained to Collins and Medina that when they arrested Blagg to to tell authorities that they were arresting him as private citizens under the pretense of “Citzens Arrest”.

Both Collins and Medina were booked into the Haskell County Criminal Justice Center on the charges of Public Intoxication, False Impersonation of a Bounty Hunter and Kidnapping.

Blagg was also arrested on an outstanding warrant.

On September 21, 2021 Lawson was arrested for Conspiracy to Commit Kidnapping and Conspiracy to Falsely Impersonate a Fugitive Apprehension Agent.

Sheriff Turner advised that this is clearly a case of a bondsman over using her authority and in the case a person was kidnapped for failure to pay the bondsman.

According to Title 22, Chapter 3, Section 202 of Oklahoma law allows any private person to arrest anyone else for any “public offense” committed or attempted in the presence of the arresting person. ... Citizen's arrests require only “reasonable cause for believing the person arrested” committed a felony.

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