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"Doctor, doctor give you the news, you keep harassing us and you're going to lose....."

When Today in Fort Smith last touched on the arrest of Adam Kuettel, we shared a copy of the protective order that prevents him from having any contact with Beth Duensing – AKA Lauren Elizabeth Shipman. For the purposes of this story, we will refer to her as Beth Duensing.

You can read our original story HERE.

As you may recall, Kuettel pointed an assault rifle at Duensing during an alcohol and drug induced frenzy.

Today in Fort Smith was then contacted by the group What Happened to Sarah Fennell of Fort Smith. The group reported to us (and in a public Facebook post) that Duensing has been sending threatening and harassing messages to them on behalf of her then fiancé, Adam Kuettel.

Dr. Beth Duensing - Mugshot in scrubs

(Note: Today in Fort Smith is unsure of the current relationship status between Kuettel and Duensing. One might assume, based on her public comments on an article we wrote about Kuettel, that she is still quite enamored with Kuettel. To each his own.)

Interestingly enough, this is not Duensing’s first “rodeo” when it comes to threats, harassment and criminal mischief.

In August of 2018, Duensing was charged with Terroristic Threatening-2nd Degree and Criminal Mischief – 1st Degree. According to court records, Duensing negotiated a guilty plea and received supervised probation.

On February 26, 2020, according to court documents, Duensing was arrested and charged with Driving While Intoxicated and Refusal to Submit to a Chemical Test. The attached court document details Duensing’s fight to get her driver’s license reinstated.

And yet Duensing calls the staff of Today in Fort Smith idiots. Well, Beth, our staff has our driver’s licenses… so we aren’t depending on Uber or the public transit system. Just sayin….

Earlier today, Today in Fort Smith corresponded with Beth. Below is the transcript:

Today in Fort Smith: Any comment on the story we are writing about you and your harassment of the family of Sarah Fennell? Any comment on defending a man who pointed a gun at you? Any comment on your past arrests and legal issues? Any comment at all? We will publish it word for word via a screen shot.

Beth Duensing: Let me talk to my lawyer first and get back to you.

Today in Fort Smith: Please do. We already consulted with ours.

Beth Duensing: I’m completely serious. I have a lot to say…

Beth Duensing: Darn. My legal team has advised me not to respond. That’s why I pay them the big bucks.

Today in Fort Smith: As are we [completely serious]. We have been provided with messages you have sent to the Fennell family along with messages your family has sent apologizing for your behavior.

Today in Fort Smith: We will list that as your official response then. Thanks!

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s time for Beth, now a resident of Orange Beach, Alabama, to stop harassing people in Arkansas.

According to her Facebook page, Duensing is the Pediatric Rheumatologist/Chief Medical Officer at Pediatric Rheumatology Associates and Gulf Coast Pediatric Infusion.

I wonder if they are aware of Duensing’s extracurricular social media activities of harassing innocent people while defending a man (Kuettel) who, according to an affidavit signed by his ex-wife, threatened to “come over to the house and kill me. He would cut my heart out and feed it to the dogs.”

What a strange thing for a PEDIATRIC Doctor to defend…

So Parents Beware… Public Beware! Beth Duensing is a woman on a mission and she might be after you next… well, as soon as she is legally able to drive that is.

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