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Disturbing text message emerges from man facing felony charges in NWA

Adam Kuettel, a 36-year-old former northwest Arkansas businessman charged with felony aggravated assault on a family or household member stemming from an alleged incident on March 30, has admitted via text message that he is a “very violent, evil, disturbed person!”

The text message (see photo attached to this story) was discovered by Today in Fort Smith after it was originally shared on the What Happened to Sarah Fennell Facebook page.

Kuettel was arrested for threatening his fiance and was photographed carrying an assault-style rifle around his northwest Arkansas neighborhood.

Sarah Fennell, Kuettel’s former girlfriend, died under suspicious circumstances in 2009.

In the 2009 police report regarding Sarah Fennell’s death, police noted, “Ms. Fennell had bruising all over her body and appeared to (have been) in a fight.” It was noted in the same report that Sarah had scratches on her chest and shoulder, and her right hand was ”... red and swollen, as if it had been broken, but X-rays showed that it was not.”

The boyfriend (Adam Kuettel) also had scratches, and his eye was swollen shut.

Also noted in the police report was that fact that Adam Kuettel stated that when Sarah passed out, she was completely unresponsive, and in an attempt to wake her up, instead of calling 911, he called her family in Tennessee in the hopes that the sound of their voices would wake her.

It would be several hours after these bizarre phone calls that Sarah would finally start receiving medical treatment.

A spokesman for the What Happened to Sarah Fennell of Fort Smith Facebook page told Today in Fort Smith that copies of the disturbing text message would be turned over to authorities.

“We think it’s important that authorities know that Adam has admitted (in writing) that he is violent, evil and disturbed,” said the spokesman.

A petition drive calling for investigators to reopen the case has drawn approximately 2000 signatures. You can add your name to that petition by clicking HERE.

Kuettel, a former investment consultant, sparked a state investigation into his business practices earlier this year and has been suspended from operating his business in the state.

If you have been victimized by Adam Kuettel, please contact Today in Fort Smith.

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