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Dedicated career criminal headed back "home" after plea deal for slap on the wrist

Updated: May 7, 2021

A Fort Smith felon who has been arrested for everything from hot checks to maintaining a drug premises in the past fourteen years earned another stay in the state hoosgow this week when he was given a three year imposed sentence on breaking and entering and concurrent sentencing on other charges in Sebastian County Circuit Court ths week.

Matthew Delton Lephiew, 36, will be headed back to prison not long after he got out the last time after putting together a better bundle deal than what Flo at Progessive offers on home and car insurance.

Facing charges that were never adjuctaed after his last incarceration, Lephiew was looking at twelve felony counts overall, including possession of firearms by a felon and maingtaining a drug premises.

He drew three years on the D Felony on the B&E for the 36-month stretch along with seven years suspended and concurrent time on a handful of other felonious activities.

Having been incarcerated in the SCDC since November 25 of last year and factoring in good behavior time, Lephiew would be eligible for parole in about eleven months.

He remains jailed at the SCDC awaiting transfer to the big house.

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