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Deadline drawing near for college students to apply for AGFC summer internship program

Arkansas college students have less than a month to get their applications in if they want to be considered for one of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s paid summer internships.

The internships, funded by sales of the AGFC’s Conservation License Plates, let students gain hands-on training and experience needed to compete for a future career in conservation.

Careers in conservation are highly sought by many people with a passion for hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation. Previous experience is one way to separate yourself from the crowd, and that’s where an internship can make the difference.

Nykki Allred, internship coordinator for the AGFC, says internships not only let a person get their foot in the door to a new career, but also explore what options are available in the real world.

“The supervisors were all passionate about teaching their interns about conservation and the impact our agency has on conservation,” Allred said. “So many times students will study something and not be able to learn the real-world duties they will one day take part in, and this program is perfect for that.”

Internships are available across the state in conservation education, wildlife management, fisheries management, and wildlife law enforcement.

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