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Dardanelle Police Department looking for public input on three suspects in Monday fraud case

The Dardanelle Police department is seeking help from the public in identifying suspects in a fraudulent use case that occurred Monday afternoon in Dardanelle.

According to an officer with the Dardanelle Police Department the fraudulent use case occurred at Love's Flower Market at 205 Quay Street in Dardanelle. Police say two black female suspects and a black male were involved in the incident. After their actions at the flower store, they went to the Dardanelle Walmart where they were caught on security cameras.

The only description for one of the suspects was she was a black female wearing a black shirt with white lettering. The other female suspect looks to be wearing a basketball jersey- like garment over another shirt.

Police say the suspects were in a gray Kia Forte.

If you have any information that might help please track down these two suspects your ass to call 479-229-2533.

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