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Crawford County sex offender arrested this week at Alma Alma Aquatic Center and Waterpark

A Crawford County registered sex offender who has been on n the state registry since 1997 finds himself in the Crawford County Detention Center this weekend on a $25,000 bond hold after he violated the requirements and conditions of the Arkansas Sex Offender Registry on Thursday.

Roger Leon Huff, 41, who lives 9n the 2100 block of Pleasant Valley Road in Van Buren, was arrested Thursday at the Alma Aquatic Center & Waterpark in direct violation of the tenants of his status as a Sex Offender.

Huff, who was arrested in 1997 for Sexual Abuse in the Fi9rst Degree and received a suspended imposition of sentence for oral sex with a six-year-old female relative, was arrested at the water park Thursday morning and booked into the Crawford County Detention Center at 11:34 a,m.

Huff is listed as a level 3 Sex Offender on the state and county list.

Waterparks are one of the protected locations where sex offenders are not allowed to frequen.

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