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County- prosecutor's office issues press release detailing investigation, arrest of murder suspect

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Hakim Williams

According to information provided by two eyewitnesses and a redacted press release, Hakim Williams shot a "Draco" (AK-7 pistol) at Jeremiah Tabut "six or seven times" on December 1 resulting in the 19-year-olds death. Tabut was hit twice by the gunfire and later expired at a local hospital,

A redacted press release from the Sebastian County Prosecutors Office shows that one of the individuals who transported Tabut to the hospital who initially denied who the shooter was came to the police station two days later, admitting to lying out of fear for their life identified Williams as the gunman.

Jeremiah Tabut

The witness said Tabut pulled up his shirt to reveal he was unarmed during a verbal confrontation and then Williams started shooting with his AK47 pistol.

A second witness came to the police station the same day and identified the shooter as a man who she knew by the street name of "Hakim". She also picked out Williams from a photo array provided by the detectives.

Detectives also discovered a social media post that showed Williams holding the alleged murder weapon.

You can read the entire arrest report and warrant information by clicking on this link:

PRESS RELEASE - 12.13.2021
Download PDF • 1.30MB

Williams is certainly no stranger to local police, although his history with the court system is kind of murky. He was arrested on November 11 of last year for Assault On Family Or Household Member-3rd Degree and released the nest day on a $500 bond.

He was arrested again in May of this year for Contempt-willful disobedience (Failure to Pay Fines), Fleeing -On Foot, Theft of Property <$1k. Possession of Controlled Substance - Schedule VI Misdemeanor <4oz, Criminal Trespass - Occupiable Structure and on an Assist for Outside Agency-Misdemeanor.

He was released from the Sebastian Couty Adult Detention Center in less than six hours on a series of signature bonds.

He currently remains jailed in the SCADC on $500,700 in mixed bond and is charged with Murder in the First Degree - Purpose. three Failure to Appear warrants and an Assist for an Outside Agency.

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