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Convict returned to Sebastian County for plea deal that earns him forty more years in prison

A Fort Smith felon with a long history of arrests and convictions who was paroled from prison after multiple 2014 sentences for drug and firearm-related crimes was brought back to Sebastian County this week to face charges he amassed after his release in early 2021.

Forty-two year-old Darrell South Jr. might be wishing he would have stayed on the straight and narrow after he was giving a forty-year sentence in Sebastian County Circuit Court on Thursday.

South, who was arrested in early 2021 on possession and trafficking charges that violated his parole from the 2014 catch and release. While out on bond for that arrest, South found himself arrested against In November 2021 on possession, paraphernalia, maintaining a drug premises, which sent him back to prison in February of this year for the petition to revoke.

He was returned to the SCADC on March 8 and entered a plea deal for his November 2021 arrest which resulted in 40 years imposed with 40 years suspended on all charges on Trafficking Methamphetamine, Possession of Schedule I/II with Purpose to Deliver and Possession of Paraphernalia. The sentencing was enhanced when South was declared a habitual offender. based on his criminal history.

Before the 40-year penalty was imposed on Thursday, and based upon the total sentences for crimes and revocations dating back to 2004, South had already been given 2240 months of concurrent prison terms.

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