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"Consensual" sex with 15-year-old lands Boone County man in hot water with authorities

A Boone County man who appears to have been involved in a consensual sexual relationship with a fifteen-year-old girl remains behind bars in the Boone County Detention Center after an arrest Monday on Sexual Assault in the Fourth Degree, Sexual Indecency with a Child, and Distributing, Possessing or Viewing Pornographic Materials Depicting a Child charges.

On May 23 2022, the Boone County Sheriff made a report in regard to a 15-year-old juvenile female having sexual intercourse with a 27-year-old male, identified as Alexander Clay Esiline

The complainant in the case was the juvenile female's mother The mother reported Esiline was a family friend who had been living on the family's property in a camper on Cedar Grove Road in Lead Hil

The mother stated the child believed she was pregnant with Esiline's child, which is how the family became aware of the relationship between the victim and Esiline.

After being confronted with the allegations of having sexual intercourse with the 15-year-old, Esiline was made to leave the property. On June 2, the child was forensically interviewed at Grandma's House Child Advocacy Center in Harrison where she disclosed "losing her virginity" to Esiline in a camper on the family's property in Lead Hill,

The victim also disclosed sneaking out of her sister's apartment in Branson, Missouri, and meeting Esiline in the woods to have sexual intercourse. A voluntary consent to search form was signed by the mother in order for investigators to access and search the 15-year-old's cell phone for evidence of crime pertaining to the case.

During a preliminary visual search of the cell phone, Facebook messages between the child, her younger sister, , and Esiline in a group chat were located with the conversation indicating Esiline had sexual intercourse with the victim and the younger sister was aware of the activity.

Esiline clearly stated within the conversation that he was aware having sexual intercourse with the girl was a crime

Investigators also located a Facebook message thread between just Esiline and the victim which referenced the child sneaking out of her home in the middle of the night to meet him on multiple occasions. That conversation included but was not but not limited to nude and sexually explicit photos and videos of the victim being asked for and sent willingly as well as the two discussing having had and wanting to have more sexual intercourse/oral sex.

Esiline also sent the victim a photo of his erect penis

As of 4 p.m Wednesday no bail information has been released on EsilIne.

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