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Colorado-based distributor of alfalfa cubes recalls product due to health risk to horses

The Arkansas Department of Agriculture is cautioning horse owners and handlers in Arkansas following a voluntary recall of alfalfa cubes from Manzanola Feeds due to a possible Clostridium botulinum health risk.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a notice on December 17 advising horse owners not to feed Top of the Rockies alfalfa cubes with the date codes 111222, 111322, 111422, 111522, and 111622.

This product has been recalled by Manzanola Feeds of Manzanola, Colorado, which distributes directly to feed stores and co-ops in the following states: Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wisconsin. Further distribution is possible, so it is important to check the date codes located on the front of the bag.

The FDA is aware of at least 98 horses in four states that showed neurologic symptoms. These cases of illness and death in horses are being investigated in cooperation with state departments of agriculture in Colorado, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Texas. The symptoms in the cases reported are consistent with botulism, and further testing is underway. At least 45 of these horses have died or were euthanized due to declining health.

Clostridium botulinum is an organism that can cause severe and potentially fatal toxicity in animals eating the contaminated food or encountering areas that have been exposed to the product. Horse owners and handlers should take precautions to protect human and animal health and immediately consult a veterinarian if your horse ate this product and shows signs of neurologic illness, such as muscle tremors, difficulty eating or swallowing, difficulty standing, or collapse.

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